Beard Implant - Hair Transplant Turkey

Beard Implant

Beard adding is especially for people who have medical, genetic problems in growing a beard. This method will help them to make an even growth. This method is especially chosen by patients who have suffered from accidents. İt is an effective way of solving this issue. Growing a beard defines the image and supports the face characteristics. In order to support you can on choose this method. Below are following procedures in growing and strengthening the beard.


The Method for the beard implant is similar to the one of a hair implant. FUE (Follicular Unite Extraction) This system will take the hair roots from your neck and implant those roots of the areas preferred.

At the beginning there will be red little spots. This is normal as well as for a certain point in time, with the guide of a doctor throughout the treatment. The prices of beard implant prices verify which eventually defines the price, which is depending on the individual growth form and status. Someone who no beard will need 4000-8000 greft. Then there is also the support of fine grown beard, which will enhance, grow after this treatment which will be 2000-2500 greft. The last point regarding the cost, will be defined by the doctor.

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