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Eye Lid Esthetic’s

One of our most important organs are our eyes and more so the eyelid which protect our eyes: with growing age, sleeping less, being tired or genetic reasons sacking eyes can occur.

Those problems will reflect as well as on the appearance as on the health, eyelid operation can solve this problem.

Eyelid operations, how are they done?

How does the procedure look like, a general or local anesthesia will be done. The operations will be a couple of hours. During the whole operations the patient will not feel any pain. The operation is as following the upper eye lid and the fold and the lower lid under the lashes will be cut out. This way the falling on the eye lid will tightened up the muscle. Additional fat will be taken. The area which is cut will be sewed at a spot where it is not much seen and it will be dressed.

The Eyelid prices

The price of this surgery is depending on many factors due to the variation of differences in the surgery. A fixed price cannot be listed here, the dialogue with the doctor is crucial here. If you wish to request more or detailed information, regarding this surgery you can contact FUE Hair.

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