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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows are on the face a defining characteristic. It can define our face from the first impression. We can even say it is one of the most important features. That’s why the loss of eyebrows can affect an individual tremendously. Medicine today can solve this problem.

Eyebrows can by time, through unknown reasons disappear or be damaged. Therefore this method can be applied, which enables more defined eyebrows. This method has been chosen by many people with satisfying results.

Eyebrow implant methods

Today’s most influential and successful eyebrow adding is called FUE, hair roots will be taken. Afterwards they will be planted on the marked places of the eyebrow. During this process millimeters count there won’t be a cut in the skin. During the time of the implant of the root unlike the other procedures no fall out of roots will occur. The patient he or she will decide about the intensity of the eyebrow. People prefer this treatment but it is recommended to get the details from the doctor who is doing the treatment.

It is very important to know the implant has an important contribution to the appearance. The ideal implant of eyebrow is between 25-30 degrees.

The importance and the recovery phase

This treatment takes a couple of hours after 48 hours; the patient can wash their eyebrows afterwards.

To take care of them in order to avoid future damages or losses, there will be medical supplements necessary in order to recover. Especially during the first 12-15 days. It is also possible that during this period your eyes brows can be better defined by either reducing or adding.

Afterwards there will be a 6 week of time, when the eyebrows fall out and come back out again. The new eyebrows will grow in 4-8 months.

The price of eyebrows

The adding of eyebrows naturally depends on the intensity of the wish eyebrows. The FUE method will be used. Ideally 300 roots are necessary which will be taken from the (neck).

Also during these procedures to get an exact number the dialogue with the doctor is necessary.

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