Face Lift - Hair Transplant Turkey

Face Lift

Passing years will affect our body but the most remarkable place where it is shown is our face.

Our skin will lose its elasticity, the quality of our skin will decrease and the skin will hang. Especially people who smoke a lot and do not eat nutritious food and regularly plus a lot of sun exposure will make the skin age faster.

This method will help you to lift the hanging parts of the face.

The process of the surgery

The surgery (cuts) will be on those areas where you have hair growth to have a better recovery, because scars will be seen or can occur. The area of hair growth is important to cover it or minimize it.

After the surgery it is very important to protect the skin. After taking of the stitch the application of cosmetics is allowed, but the patient has to stay away from the sun for a couple of months and if there is sun exposure a high protection of sun blocker is needed.

The prices of a face lift

Compared to other surgeries a face lift is far more complicated and detailed the used technology differs well. Therefore to get a clear picture and approx. price we recommend you to speak to the responsible doctor who will do the surgery.

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