Liposuction - Hair Transplant Turkey


By the time areas in the body may stock more fat, then other areas this can appear for an individual in their disadvantage.

Unfortunately even people who exercise regularly can suffer from this problem.

Liposuction is one way to resolve it.

What is Liposuction?

There are 2 main procedures to do a Liposuction. The classical one is to have little access whole in the problem and from where the fat will be sucked out. The second method is to apply the Laser method by using thin fiber optic cables.

This way the fat tissue will be separated and disappear.

With the use of Laser where the fat disappears the skin will adjust to the new condition. Unlike the classical Lipo during the laser method nothing will be pumped out.

Therefore the Laser method has an advantage compared to the classical method.

Local anesthesia will take place 25 min to 1 hour operation.

The classical method has the disadvantage of having swollen areas compared to the Laser method.

Areas where this method can be applied: Belly, Hip, Back, Chin, face, waste and arms especially for the hanging parts.

Prices of Liposuction

The price depends first of all on the method and the area. To get a clear price it is important to be in contact with the doctor.

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