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Nose Surgery

People can have from now or from birth or later through accidents a hook nose, which will affect the appearance of the nose tremendously. This can cause for a lot of people issues. A nose surgery can help to overcome this problem.

This nose surgery can on the one hand give the nose a more esthetic look and this will have a major impact on the face on the other hand it can support the health in order to ensure a better way of breathing.

The time frame of the nose surgery is approx. 2 hours, local or general anesthesia will be done. It is a simple surgery; adults after 18 years are allowed.

The time after the surgery

After the surgery, there will be tampons in the nose and on the top of the nose a brace will be put on.

After the surgery then can be dark spots below the eyes, ice can be put in order to reduce the swollen areas.

To reduce the swollenness. The tampons will be taken after 2 days, and the brace on top of the nose will be taken after one week.

After the nose surgery, the patient needs to stay at home for one week. During this time the nose needs to be protected. It is important to protect the nose, if taking a shower no water should be in touch with the nose.

After the surgery the patient is not allowed to wear any glasses for a month.

One month after the surgery the swellings will reduce and after 6 months it will disappear completely.

The prices of the nose job

As all the surgeries too, the nose price of the surgery is also depending on certain factors.

Please be cautious about commercials which guarantee a common price. It is crucial to talk to a professional, to get an individual treatment and price request.

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