Percutaneous and Implant - Hair Transplant Turkey

Percutaneous and Implant

Percutaneous is a technical operation that opened with thin needles into the round holes,non into lateral incisions of the hair follicle. With correct angles and density (root frequency in cm),the percutaneous helps to obtain the natural hair appearance.

There is no scar  in area reseptor and donor where has been done transplantation. For transplant 40-45 bulbs to head ,the best choice is using the technical percutaneous.

Especially the angles where is located in line hair ,grow with narrow angles. As much as the density, hair transplantation with correct angles is an important criterion in the success of the result. Hairs start to grow as natural angles in transplantations that used  the technical percutaneous.

Hair transplantation increases the success of density (for each cm) with right angles.

It is necessary to know how much density it should be planted for hair for reach the best results aesthetically.

The challenge of success in hair transplantation is use to bulbs of hair fertile in area reseptor .

Scientific studies have shown that when even half of the hair loses in area spesific,the same aesthetic appearence should be protected mostly. That is why about 40-45 bulbs which have normal density and 45-50 bulbs which have weak density in each cm can create different risults.

If persons have efficient density of hair, it should be reached to desired result with 35-40 bulbs. If transplantation will be done to line hair, it would be provided natural appearance with 65-70 bulbs.

The bulbs which are not planted efficiently to the hair will not give the appearance of intense hair and it will not look natural.

Every hair has a natural angles and it should be implemented this natural angles in operation of hair transplantation. Unless unnatural angles are used,there will be bad appearance on your head.

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