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EuroZen Hair Transplant

Eurozen Hair exist a great team including 44 persons ,13 asistan nurses,12 persons who are experts at plastic surgeon and 19 experts proffessional hair planters.
We realize your hairtransplantation by expert surgens and  team proffessional.Eurozen Hair Transplant  is the company which has a legal accountability and is rigorous about the hospital and health personnel.
We serve for 16 years with our equipmant which has latest technology, equipped operating rooms,academic staff and special doctors in enviroment of hospital full-fledged.
Eurozen has mission and vision providing Turkey as one of the first places in the world about hair tranplantation, sharing many contents of information and technical, following the developments in Canada,U.S.A, and Europe about hair transplantation.

As a family of Eurozen, meet our clients one by one, listen and keep in front of eye their request. We inform our patients correctly for reach to the best conclusion. Assume the confidence and transparency as mutual.
Eurozen is the clinic that include additional and helpful protective services, not only to cure hair transplantation also finding another solutions against to hair problems of our patient.
Our patient is our guest. Operations are completely realized conditions in where have high quality.After operation, patient will be under the control during for 2 years as free and they could call us during 24 hours.
Our goal is create an ambiance of working that has a team spirit of our personnel and feel precious themselves.

As being a company which knows the life of human and adopts this idea as a rule, provide satisfaction both of personnel and patients.
Eurozen which is one of the best center in the world, realized hair transplantation to 20.000 person in 16 years.

First of all this is a team work though professional team is so important in this job.
Persons must be experts and worked at hair transplant for many years.

Hair transplantation is the “Art” that united with “Health” and “Aesthetic”. *Eurozen has a structure which contains works are person-focused
for satisfaction of clients with price policy personal,serve including all about haircare and met all needs to persons who have
a problem with their hair to perform this art in hair transplantation.

eurozen whatsapp
eurozen whatsapp